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My name is Scott: 

This Start Page is a series of links to my project on true representative government. This website is a work in progress, so bookmark and keep checking back.

How We Can Change the World: 

History will not let us simply go back; We have had a Judeo-Christian Cultural Heritage; yet, we have never been a righteous nation.  we should not want to return to the so-called "Good Old Days" of Racial Segregation, putting loyal Japanese Americans in Concentration camps, and committing genocide against Native Americans, child-labor slavery of the Industrial Northern US and the Rural slavery of the Southern US, or the endlessly-renewed Indentured Servitude of the Colonial Period. Where is the Godliness in all of that?  We must turn our back on blind adherence to tradition; while holding fast to enduring values that are good, we must transcend the corrupted paradigms of the past. 

Its been done many, many times under much worse opposition that we face!  Iconoclasts are individuals that tear down the false images that guide the mentality---the inner machinery of how society operates. It simply does no good to merely wring our hands and endlessly complain about how secret societies and the rich exercise great influence and manipulate World and Societal Events.  When we endlessly rehearse these things, we are usually lifting up the banner of their power rather than acknowedging the power and responsibility that we have to change the World. Five hundred years ago, Western Civilization was indistinguishable from the Taliban. Actually, the Inquisition was arguably far worse!!! Historically, ordinary, flesh and blood people worked very hard over many generations to wrest power from the power-elite and create the great secular society we enjoy today. If our forbears could overcome the Inquistion, there is nothing stopping us from changing the World any way we choose; however, we will never succeed as long as we indulge the delusion that other people control our lives and we ourselves have no power!!! In these papers I outline a basis for hope and a methodology for putting an effective plan in motion! 


The Long-Awaited Death of Special-Interest Politics!!!

What could be more fair than allowing anyone who wants to hold public office to participate in a random drawing??? This is authentic Democracy! This is how they chose their Assembly Members in Ancient Athens! This proposal presents the very real possibility of stripping special interests of their ability to buy undue influence in the form of campaign donations. (Obviously, Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and State Governors could not be selected at random.) Could we do any worse than the present system??? (If this proposal seems impossible to accomplish, (re)read Iconoclast Community:  We can do this!!!

1-Iconoclast Community.pdf 1-Iconoclast Community.pdf
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3-Populistocracy.pdf 3-Populistocracy.pdf
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