Zero- Point Energy Converter

To all the Children of Today and of the Future Ages yet to come!

It has been known for nearly a hundred years that so-called Empty Space is not really empty. If we remove everything that can be removed from a volume of space, even removing all of the heat, we are left with the Quantum Vacuum. The Quantum Vacuum is seething with Zero-Point Energy. Its Zero-Point Energy consists of invisible, highly-energetic particles of light that continuously appear then disappear.

The energy of the Light Particles of the Quantum Vacuum are available for our use, without limitations, throughout the entire Universe. NASA's Breakthrough Physics Propulsion Program concluded that the Quantum Vacuum might someday be used as a practical source of energy! Someday is here; the future is now! Z-PEC is a way for anyone to plug into this natural energy grid at anytime at any place, as much as they want, and as often as they want, without paying any money to anyone, ever!!!

Z-PEC will feel like a strong magnet that is trying to pull itself out of your hand, as though there is another magnet nearby, but it doesn't need a separate magnet to push or to pull on it. This is not anti-gravity; nonetheless, Z-PEC will seem to fall in whatever direction it is pointing. It will feel like a heavy brick; however, depending on the direction in which it is pointed, you might have to hold this brick down to keep it from falling-up.

We do not need to cause any object or substance to push on Z-PEC, or to pull on it. We do not need to supply any energy. We do not have to supply anything, because already, along with all other objects in the Universe, Z-PEC is continuously showered with little objects that already have kinetic energy and momentum; these powerful little objects are the invisible light-particles of the Quantum Vacuum. Just like the Great Engineer gives us free Sunshine, so also has he freely given us the much-more intense Light of the Quantum Vacuum to shine continually, during the cloudiest day and on through the darkest night. These particles have been rebounding off of all atoms everywhere, since the Beginning. In a sense, Z-PEC is nothing new: When the particles of the Quantum Vacuum rebound off of the atoms that Z-PEC is made of, these Light-Particles are merely doing exactly what they have been doing ever since the Creator set the first particles of the Quantum Vacuum into motion.

Already, the invisible particles of the Quantum Vacuum constantly push on all sides of typical objects just as hard as air pressure pushes, more than 101 kPa or one ton per square foot. Z-PEC will turn generators, and replace all motors. We need not ever supply any fuel or energy, because these Light-Particles of the Quantum Vacuum are continuously delivering mechanical power when they rebound after colliding with Z-PEC much like the rapidly moving particles that push on the pistons of an engine, on the wings of an airplane or on the expansion nozzle of a rocket. Vehicles will not need engines, motors with shafts, propellers, jets or rockets because Z-PEC will push directly on these vehicles, just as when we push a car with our hands. Vehicles will no longer need wheels, wings, rotors or floating-hulls or rockets to lift them up off of the ground or to hold them up. We will no longer need roads, bridges tunnels or waterways.

Z-PEC allows us to derive a net force from all of this pressure, even though it is bombarded by equal numbers of light particles on all sides: We already do this very thing. In principle, Z-PEC is just as simple as the glare-proof coatings on the back side of eyeglasses. These coating cause more shallow-angle light to bend to a steeper angle so it can pass all of the way through the glass; therefore, comparatively more light reflects from the front side of eyeglasses than from its backside. In other words it pushes harder on the front than on the back of the eyeglasses. There is an excellent chance that we can use this same approach, or one that is very similar it to make more of the Light Particles of the Quantum Vacuum push harder on one side of Z-PEC than on its opposite side. Quite likely, we can adapt existing technologies that work with the especially-intense invisible light of the Quantum Vacuum; we want to use wavelengths of light that are fifty times shorter than visible light.


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